About the Work of David Zelenka

David Zelenka began developing educational media in 1993 under the company name Interactive Earth. Since that time he has developed websites, graphic design, educational materials, and released books that reflect the great creativity evident in both human endeavor and the natural world.

davezDavid is a certified Washington State teacher. His recent endeavors have been to encourage critical-thinking in education and to foster genuine interactions between students, their communities and the environment. Previously, he worked to promote stewardship of a variety of ecosystems in the United States as a multimedia contractor, seasonal park ranger, wilderness guide, and curriculum developer.

Earthquake Mapping

Explore live USGS earthquake data while visualizing earth crustal features anywhere on the globe.

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Sun, Moon, and Earth

This visiualization allows users to manipulate orbits, rotations, and tilt angles with the Earth, Moon, and Sun.

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Genesis Pattern Generator - logo design

Are you ready to take a virtual hike through the shapes and forms inherent to the phyllotaxis spiral?

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Plate Tectonic Visualization

This plate tectonics visualization tool allows users to create a digital model of Pangea or their own reconstruction of a paleo-Earth.

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Books written by David:

Point Horizon
Too Far to Wander