Videos for Educators

Evolution and the Brainevolution and the brain - Taking what we’ve learned from brain science will help us become more effective teachers.

Appropriate Use of Technology in the Classroomappropriate use of technology in the classroom - When should we use computers in the classroom?

Reading and Literacy TipsBecause of Winn-Dixie - Watch this video to explore ideas for teaching reading and promoting literacy in the classroom using Kate DiCamillo's Because of Winn-Dixie.

Supplimental Materials

Let's Look Inside the Earth - Earthquake Investigation
In this NGSS-aligned investigation students will analyze USGS seismology data in the classroom using spreadsheets and scatter plots to look for patterns and structure in the Earth’s crust. Before analyzing data, students will learn about the methods scientists use to gather seismic data. They will explore plate tectonics, plate boundaries, and volcanoes using Google Earth. The teacher will provide demonstrations on the types of faults and how earthquakes propagate and travel through the earth.

Don't Jump to Conclusions (CER Framework)
The CER Framework (Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning) was developed by Katherine McNeill and Joseph Krajcik to help students make sense out of observational evidence when making explanations for questions they ask about the natural world. Use this lesson series to introduce CER to your students. They will make observations of a mystery object, make a claim about it, and write a reasoning statement that makes sense. Aligned to NGSS Science and Engineering Practices.

Washington State History
Use these project-based learning documents to drive a culminating project for Washington State History in the classroom (planning document).

Archived Resources

Out of the Blue
Great Sand Dune's natural and cultural history curriculum and web site for grades K-12. 2005.

Northwest Park Science
An interactive web site for middle and high school students and teachers, includes six on-line activities developed by Interactive Earth. 2005.

Homeward Bound Journey
North Cascades National Park educational web site for 5th through 8th graders. Content and lesson plans developed by Interactive Earth. 2004.

Sand Sea Wonders (archived)
Web site for Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. 2003.

Imagine It!
Educational web site and lesson plans developed for Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site. 2002.

Other Past Curriculum Resources

  • Series of educational animations - I.M.C.S. Intercollege Limited. Nicosia, Cyprus. 2008-2010.
  • Artificial Reef Web Site - Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies. 2008.
  • Tides and Sea Level Model - Data in the Classroom. 2007.
  • California Education Alliance. 2006
  • Olympic Odyssey - Educational CD-ROM. 1997.
  • Mount Rainier: Where the Rivers Begin - Educational CD-ROM. 1996.
  • Jewel Cave: A Web of Understanding - Educational CD-ROM. 1995.
  • Wilderness Technology Alliance - Lead trainer and wilderness guide (2002) at teacher/student workshops on Macromedia products. 2000-2002.

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