While exploring the canyons of Colorado, Tommy and Kate take a plunge into the unknown. Lost, they face dangerous challenges, tough decisions and extraordinary creatures as they struggle to find a way home. Will they return safely to the light of day? Readers will find adventure and a fresh exciting new way to look at the world.

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The power of hope is the central theme of Point Horizon, recurring throughout the book as the journey of two young people named Tommy and Kate unfolds. The novel’s essential message is to pursue a life of purpose and integrity despite the temptations to view life selfishly and without greater meaning.

Tommy and his new friend Kate find themselves racing to escape being bullied by small town gang in rural Colorado. While hiding in a limestone cavern and waiting for their pursuers to pass, they tumble headlong into a pit and their fall unexpectedly takes them to the middle of the Earth and an unknown world called the Firmament. The youth discover a world similar to ours, where the physics are somewhat reversed. In this environment, gravity holds them to the interior of a vast, spacious hollow sphere.

Tommy and Kate navigate the ecology and geography of the Firmament in the company of new friends. They come to understand that going through the “Way,” a special light, is their only way home.

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